Tips for preventing dangerous slips, trips, and falls

Spilled coffee and office clutter may seem harmless, but can spell danger in the office, causing injuries that result in medical costs and serious pain. Injuries caused by slips and trips range from sprained or strained muscles and joints, to broken bones and head injury. To ensure your safety and the safety of your tech co-workers, keep the following in mind:


  • When entering the building from outside or storage areas, clean your footwear thoroughly on the doormat to avoid tracking in water.
  • Remove all trash, computer equipment and clutter from aisles, exits and passageways.
  • Use alternative electrical plugs for power to avoid running a cord down or across a hallway.
  • In the event of a spill, clean it immediately, and display warning signs to alert others of a wet floor.
  • Use floor mats while surfaces are drying after cleaning to provide traction.
  • Keep an eye out for uneven floors, and fix them or notify someone who can immediately.

Take Action
Slips and trips occur frequently, and can be serious – think falling down the stairs or breaking a bone. For everyone’s safety in the office, take action when you notice a slipping or tripping hazard.

Other Recommendations

  • Use a stepladder to get items out of reach instead of standing on chairs, desks, small stools or boxes.
  • Stretch out bulging carpets to prevent trips and falls.
  • Hold on to handrails while walking down stairs or ramps. If you’re carrying a heavy load, use an elevator.
  • Report or repair broken light fixtures and replace bulbs for adequate visibility.
  • Don’t take short cuts through the office or storage areas.Avoid running, stay alert when walking and don’t turn corners or open doors too quickly.

Always Stay Alert

Adopt a “see it, sort it” mentality. If you notice any situation that you think could present a slipping or tripping hazard for you or a co-worker, act immediately to fix it or notify your supervisor. Prevention is the best way to avoid slips and falls—along with medical bills and serious pain.