We are tbm

We have been a leader in Commercial Insurance for over 25 years and have built a reputation as one of the top Independent Commercial Insurance Agencies in the Southeast.

Sure, we’ve been helping our clients navigate the commercial insurance and private client world for over 25 years, but we’ve never been a group that rests on our laurels. That’s because our history wasn’t created in front of a mirror. TBM was crafted and grown side-by-side with the businesses and people we’ve served. So, our history is an ongoing legacy that we share every day with our clients. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built through the successes of our past, but our focus is based squarely on the ways we can be better. We know our legacy lives in our great confidence and strong relationships, not in a history book.

how we OPERATE

From day one, we have operated as a unique organization focusing on providing risk management services and insurance brokerage to our clients that one would expect from one’s own risk management department. TBM is, and will always remain, a go-to partner who can deliver the benefits of a local highly specialized boutique agency, while still offering the capabilities of a large, national brokerage firm.